In my previous blog, I mentioned that our latest project is Tropical Cottage Design and Renovation.  The house is a small 1400 SF 3 bedroom 2 bath home built for returning WWII veterans in the 40’s  There are several similar in the neighborhood, where were originally 900 SF 2 bedroom 1 bath homes.  How did they live in that tiny space!  In this house, like most of these houses, previous owners converted the garage to the 3rd bedroom and 2nd bath.  Also, a small kitchen was added behind the garage with a very low flat roof.  In addition to design changes — new kitchen, expanded bathrooms and closets, new windows and roof, and more — we need to fix several problems typical in these older homes — floor joists are rotted where water has entered through the back windows, deck on the back is about to fall down, etc.

Before Photos

Here are some photos of the house before design and renovation.  You can grab them and slide through the ones that are off the page…

Renovation Objectives

To bring the house up to today’s standards, our main goal is to modernize the kitchen and bathrooms, raising the low ceiling of the kitchen, creating a larger bath and closet for the master bedroom, increasing the size of the second bath as well as the closets in the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms.  Unfortunately it means moving the entry, laundry room, AC, several doors, existing closets and closing some windows off.  In the end the floor plan will make more sense, the bathrooms will be modern and the kitchen will be functional, if small.

Here are the current and proposed floor plans.  Spaces, especially the bedrooms and kitchen, are small, but closets are big, there will be a lot of light, and the house will open in the back to a new deck, with pool and tropical garden beyond.  I’m also planning to put a 31′ vintage Airstream trailer for coolness factor!  Also, it makes a great guest suite, office or even extra bedroom and bath.

Well that’s all for now.  As always, send me any questions or comments below.  Next time, squeezing the Airstream into the back yard!

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