In my last post I mentioned that I would tell the story about how we got a 31′ Airstream into the back yard.  Short answer is very carefully 😂.  Pictures tell the best story…you can grab them and slide through the ones that are off the page.

Since the cottage is so small, I wanted to add some space for guests or an office, so I got to thinking that a trailer would be a good option.  I found this classic 1979 Sovereign Land Yacht on Craigslist…it even has an 8 track player with cassettes!  I bought it the same day, without giving much thought to how I was going to get it in behind the house.

There is quite a bit of clearance on the side of the house, but unfortunately, as you can see, there’s a huge oak tree about 8 feet from the back corner.  And guess what…an Airstream is about 8 feet wide.  These pictures give a small hint of how difficult it was.  A truck (tow vehicle in Airstream parlance) wouldn’t be able to get the right angle, so we had to use a Bobcat.  Even then, it took several hours, cutting back all the palms on the side to get clearance, and part of the deck twice, to finally squeeze it in.

Now she’s back here and looking pretty by the pool.  Eventually, I’ll string some outdoor lights and with the new deck, the back yard will be a perfect place for barbeque parties.  The coolness factor will be off the charts!

As always, send me any questions or comments below.  Next time, update on progress with the house.

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