Project Overview
  • Progress update on the 1940’s tropical cottage renovation, including modernizing the kitchen and bathrooms, raising the low ceiling of the kitchen, creating a larger bath and closet for the master bedroom, increasing the size of the second bath as well as the closets in the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms.
  • Bonus surprise:  31′ Airstream Sovereign added in back next to pool, as guest suite, office or extra bedroom.
  • Location:  High Pines, Miami, FL
  • Project timeline:  90 days
  • Total cost:  $50,000
New Deck and Electrical Service

You might remember the old rotten deck from a previous post about our tropical cottage renovation.  Since much of it had to be cut out to get the Airstream in the back, we decided to replace it right away.  At the same time, we moved and replaced the main electrical service from the back wall to the side corner, where it’s not so conspicous.  We also eliminated all the abandoned cable and telephone wires on the exterior of the house.

Repairing the Rotted Floor Joists and Raising the Kitchen Roof

Due to water leaks in the bathroom plumbing and through the rear french doors, most of the joists in the back of the house were rotted and as a result the floor was sagging.  After demo, the first step inside the house was to repair and replace them.  At the same time, we raised the roof in the cramped kitchen 18″…you can see the before and after photos below.

New Metal Roof and Hurricane Windows

While work continued indoors, the next major steps on the exterior were to replace the existing asphalt shingles with a new charcoal metal roof, and the old white jalousy windows with bronze-framed impact windows.  The roof and window work was done by our partners at Top Seal Services and Cat 5 Impact Products.  We’ve been working with them for years…definitely give them a call if you need help.

Next Steps

Next update on the tropical cottage renovation, progress on the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as stuccoing and painting the exterior.  As always, send me any questions or comments below.  Next time, update on progress with the house.

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