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Our Customers

Partnering with Orange Home Design has been fantastic for FATTO SU MISURA! Their attention to detail, clear communication, and timely delivery make them an excellent collaborator. We highly recommend Orange Home Design to anyone in need of a reliable contractor. Thanks for the great collaboration!Read More

John impressed us from the beginning with his calm thought process. He is a good listener and helped us centralize our top priorities when so many ideas were thrown at him. We had previously had other work completed around the house by other contractors, none of whom were even close to satisfactory. By comparison, John was always available and very communicative, traits that are rarely seen in contractors around Miami! He is fluent in Spanish, which really helps when dealing with subcontractors. He helped us with every detail of the project including design, material selection, permitting, subcontracting, just name it. This was even during the peak pandemic, when permitting was slow and material availability was at its worst. We collaborated on every detail of the house remodel from beginning to end. We had to live in the house with our 5 dogs during the remodeling and we couldn't have done it without John's creative solutions to make the house livable. We are very happy with the end result and look forward to our continued collaboration with John to tackle the exterior of the house!Read More

We contacted John based on this site and his experience with both the construction/renovation process as well as his ability to collaborate on the design. The number one thing I want to say about John's work is his trustworthiness. This means a lot as we did not live near South Florida before buying, knew no one and had no experience in this industry. He came out to house showings with us to assess the potential for renovation. Once we closed on our house, we started with some landscaping elements. The work was done great and we still have the lawn maintenance guys John recommended. We were re-doing the first floor of the "totally 80's" look downstairs, and this was not a small project. When we started the renovation planning, he iterated on design with us, providing needed perspective on technical capability, cost and resale worth of our wish list of design elements. John handled all the permitting and managed the complexity of various sub-projects, shuffling order as possible when unexpected delays hit (supply chain, COVID to name two), minimizing the impact of our sometimes late changes to the project, and special requirements of custom items like a floor to ceiling office glass panel, and indoor arched doorway. He wasn't afraid to step in with a dose of reality on certain changes and their impact on time or cost, but always left us with the decision and the impression that he could work with our choice. We are back and love the result. It's better than if we had bought a "move in ready" home that wasn't customized to our design. Especially the kitchen area gets a lot of traffic and looks beautiful. We hired John for a followup mini-project on a closet and laundry area because of our satisfaction with the work. Enthusiastically recommend John and would like to work with him again on an upcoming project to do more with the outdoor space.Read More

I recently had a very bad experience with a general contractor in the area that left me completely stressed out and left me with a complete mess of an uncompleted kitchen and bathroom. I'm new to south Florida and needed to find someone I could trust to correct all the problems that had occurred and not a lot of time. I was introduced to John through a co-worker friend who had previously used Orange Home Design to do an office renovation for him and highly recommended John. I couldn't have met a nicer, well-versed, knowledgeable, and patient person. He came up with great solutions to my issues with amazing results. His crew was super respectful and super efficient and trustworthy. All within the time frame and budget he proposed that rarely happens. Im so happy with the results and couldn't be happier with my decision to work with John and his crew at Orange Home Design. I highly recommend john and his crew and will be using them on my future projects for sure!Read More

Orange Home was suggested to me by a friend that had recently done a full house renovation with them. Seamlessly. After seeing the end result I decided to renew my kitchen. Long due for a reno. John created the design and executed it very well. His crew was very respectful and attentive to details. I am very happy with the functionality and design. He was resourceful with vendors and pricing since I was on a budget. Highly recommend this team!Read More