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Orange Home Design + Renovation

Home design and renovation simplified.

Remodeling a home isn’t rocket science, even though sometimes it feels like it. The choices can be overwhelming and it's difficult to know where to start. Do I need a designer? an architect? an engineer? a permit expeditor? a contractor? Who’s responsible for managing communication between all these people? What materials do I need to choose and where do I find them? Who's responsible for turning my vision into reality with the quality I expect? And how much is this all going to cost?

It doesn’t have to be so complex. At Orange Home Design + Renovation, we’ve been designing, creating, planning and managing home projects, small to large, for 30 years. Our unique value is integrating the creative side — design, floorplan, materials — with the delivery side — planning, permitting, contracting, project managing — with a focus on quality at reasonable cost.

Take a look at our background and our projects. If you like what you see, get in touch for a free no obligation design and planning session. At Orange, we’re as passionate about home design and renovation as you are.

Our Services

property acquisition

target style & neighborhood, identify properties, advise on total cost including renovations relative to neighborhood values, represent buyer in purchase

design consultation

walk through of property, brainstorming, preliminary room sketch, in-depth discussions of requirements, project budget and time frame estimates.

plan development

detailed room measurements, create final floor plan, get proposals for work (windows, flooring, etc.), get pricing for materials, finalize budget and plan.

project preparation

apply for necessary permissions and permits, pre-order materials, finalize subcontractor selection and contracts.

project management

acquire materials, coordinate deliveries, administrate subcontractor timeline, oversee installations, assure quality.


complete your home with design of garden spaces and outdoor rooms, native plant selection, planting and care.